The Municipality of Bergamo identifies the following instruments in order to plan and put in place dedicated measures to implement the above-mentioned priorities and addresses within all policies, programmes and projects and due to the complexity of the issues at stake.

Internal Governance Tools

Delegation of institutional coordination to the Director General/Secretary General.
Food Policy Team within the Director General/Secretariat General.

Food Policy Table

The Food Policy Table is an instrument through which the Municipality of Bergamo intends to promote structured dialogue with the various components of society on issues that, directly or indirectly, characterise the city’s food system. It is composed of subjects representing citizens, public Institutions, Associations and all the actors of the agri-food system and aims at guaranteeing adequate space to all the components of Bergamo’s food system in the phases of direction and periodic evaluation of the Food Policy, in its updating and in the identification of further objectives and projects, recognising the value of the city’s practices and economic and organisational innovations as part of a design that finds its reference in the institution.

In order to broaden the Food Policy Table to include the participation of other subjects active in the area of food policies, the Food Policy Office, in collaboration with the Department for Participation and Neighbourhood Networks, has prepared a questionnaire to be extended to the Neighbourhood Networks, groups made up of citizens, representatives of associations, bodies, committees and services that promote initiatives and activities in the area to provide shared responses to the needs of those who live there.